What can I do for you?

Understand and organize your finances


Build and protect wealth

Establish financial goals

Save and invest


Basically I co-manage “Twoi Doradcy Finansowi Polska” Ltd, as a Vice President. Despite my duties, I willingly find time to work with individual clients and businessmen. Meetings with clients give me great satisfaction and allows me to keep up with their expectations and ever-changing financial solutions.
I will help you in achieving your financial goals so that you do not have to worry about what will happen in the future. You will be able to pay your obligations and to fulfil your dreams. Instead of saying, “I do not know how my future will be”, you will have the feeling that you are aiming in the right direction, overwhelmed with peace of mind about your financial future. I will help you to organize your finances so that appropriate money were at the right place at the right time.

Moreover I will help:

  • To increase your savings safely and effectively by building an optimal investment portfolio.
  • To manage your personal finances by showing the right way. I know from my experience that even those who earn monthly five-digit amounts have a problem with making ends meet.
  • To choose the most effective products in hundreds of financial solutions, avoiding a malfunctioned or costly ones. In some cases, even financial advisors have a problem with understanding some sorts of the available financial products.
  • To plan and gather an appropriate amount of money to your retirement, a decent future, the future of your child or other your dreams. In order to achieve all those goals you need proper resources, plan and investment strategy.
  • To show how to pay off your mortgage earlier and to avoid paying high interest. Contrary to appearances, this is not as simple as it is sometimes presented.
  • To plan and carry out your way to financial independence.
  • To understand the needs and financial risks, which you may not be aware of. In financial planning, you can project some things, but from another side you must protect yourself and your wealth.
  • To hold an audit of your financial solutions in order to check whether they still meet your expectations and to reduce costs. It may happen that you have an investment which does not make any money for years or probably you pay out of habit for financial services that are not needed or act differently than you think.

I find joy in running trainings with personal finance management, in a variety of organizations.

What makes me different?

Experience. What I mean is not only the knowledge, but also the practical experience. I know what kind of saving, investment and insurance solutions are effective and which are not. More than a thousand of the meetings with the customers gave me the opportunity to explore the largest human problems related to finances. I know their concerns and what they are aware of.
I have an access to hundreds of financial solutions, sixteen financial institutions, which allow me to find the optimal and the appropriate solution virtually for everyone. Financial solutions are important, but not the most important. I can broadly look at the situation of a particular person, taking into account a personal and professional lifestyle, as well as the individual character – after all, not everyone loves tables, graphs and Microsoft Excel. Planning some certain actions is one thing, implementing solutions and habits is another. Together, we will monitor the effectiveness of those implemented solutions and make adjustments, taking into consideration frequent life changing circumstances.
My clients often tell me that I am incredibly patient person and I have the ability to explain even extremely complex financial issues. I always keep my promises. If we agreed that I have something to be prepared for you – so it will be. Cooperation with me guarantees you that I will not leave any email or phone unanswered. I work in this industry for so many years which give me an assurance, that I will be working in it, even if I do not need to earn money any longer. Despite some experience, I constantly deepen and develop my knowledge. It is not possible to know absolutely everything, that is why I constantly work with a number of experts in the field of legal, accounting, tax, investment, insurance and loans. When needed, I make use of their knowledge and experience.


The first meeting is free. Its aim is to get to know each other and to clarify your expectations. At the meeting, I determine whether I am able to help you, and you can judge whether I am the person that you want to work with.


If you want to contact me, you are more than welcome to fill out a form, and you will definitely hear from me. Please describe in a few words what you need and where you see a potential area for our cooperation. I ask that your message has been thought out with respect for your and my time. Thank you very much. Speak to you soon.