A competent advisor with broad knowledge, outgoing and kind-hearted man at the same time. Clearly explains the financial mechanisms, provides all the information that is fundamental to make a proper decision and what is more, he does not impose anything. He always tries to understand the client’s situation and to give an appropriate advice matching requirements. What I really appreciate is, that I regularly receive from him all information and experts’ opinions regarding my investment. He is an attentive listener, compelling my trust. I have only positive feelings of working with Przemyslaw Wojewoda. I sincerely recommend.

Iwona Kubiaczyk


Honest, competent, willing to help. Professionally approaches each case. In clear and accessible way explains the basic issues related to investments. I strongly recommend!!!

Michał Ostrowski

Laboratory diagnostician

Przemyslaw is a professional financial advisor. When dealing with customers he shows professionality, extensive knowledge in the field of finance and an enormous patience in explaining the complexities of financial products, especially to those with little concept of finance. Certainly I recommend Przemyslaw

Urszula Sułek

IT specjalist

I strongly recommend the cooperation with Przemyslaw. His passion connected with finance and investing is readily apparent. Competent and always willing to help, explains all the details of investing in a substantive and approachable way. He is a real professional.

Radosław Szulc


I have been working with Przemyslaw in the field of my family finances for many years already. Moreover, I recommended him to my friends and they are also very satisfied with his given advice. Przemyslaw has a deep knowledge combined with an understanding of the client. He is able to explain complex issues in an accessible and understandable way. He does not impose his opinions and does not advertise financial products. He explains the risks and benefits of the investment in a substantive way. I sincerely trust him and I am sure that the solutions recommended by him bring the desired effect.

Krysytna Kałuża


Professional and understanding assistance, even for those who know absolutely nothing about finance. I have been working with Przemyslaw for two years already and I strongly recommend him!

Katarzyna Bień

Air Traffic Controller

I would strongly recommend working with Przemyslaw. He is very patient person, he has the ability to explain all the intricacies of investment, even to a person who does not have the slightest clue about investing. He is honest and competent.

Marta Marszałek

Commercial Pilot

I highly recommend. Great advisor, also for those who are beginners in the world of investment. He helps to organize and plan finances (including the realization of dreams:-)). He explains the properties of individual products and tools in a transparent and simple way. He is nice and outgoing at the same time.

Paulina Baumert


Honest, outgoing and very patient. Przemyslaw is a competent person, willing to answer difficult questions. There are no taboos. I would sincerely recommend:)

Rafał Kafara

Computer programmer

I highly recommend Przemyslaw as an advisor. He responds to all questions and concerns in a patient and professional way. He is very reliable person.  What is more, I appreciate the most that he always honestly says what the situation is, clearly showing the advantages, but also disadvantages of each form of investment…

Kamil Wojnarowicz